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Everything you need to know about the latest technology of EmbryoScope

What is Embryoscope?

Embryoscope is an incubator that helps in maintaining physiological conditions that are needed by living embryos while it is kept in the IVF laboratory. This lapse system is included which has a camera attached to it and it captures the images and records the development of embryos. This helps the embryologist at the IVF centre in Punjab to monitor the cell division perfectly.

With technological advancement, this has helped many couples to fulfil the dream of becoming parents. The associated reproductive technology has been a great achievement and now the embryo scope is the best option to conceive a child. Get in touch with the best fertility expert and she can suggest you best treatment plan to increase the chances of conception by making fertilization and implantation effective.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, egg retrieval is done, and then comes the process of mixing sperm and egg in the IVF lab. This process results in embryo development which is kept in the incubator to have the perfect environment for embryo growth. The embryo is kept for around 5 to 7 days.
  • The embryologist will take pictures every 10 minutes and then they are converted into small time-lapse movies. The embryologist will closely monitor the embryo condition and look for any type of abnormalities.
  • With this approach, the growth pattern of the embryo is analyzed to analyze the positive and negative results. This also makes it easier to predict the development and pregnancy chances of potential embryo. The time-lapse of the camera helps to check the embryo perfectly and make sure the best embryo is selected for the IVF process.


What are the benefits of Embryoscope?

With this procedure, the best embryo is selected for transfer which improves the selection procedure. The IVF experts will get the most valuable information regarding the survival potential of transfer and implant.

By keeping the embryo in a protective environment it helps to eliminate the risk factors of getting the embryo damaged or destroyed. This helps the IVF expert to get the treatment done effectively and the embryo is developed perfectly. In the end, the best embryo is selected to make sure IVF procedures have increased success chances.


Who can benefit from Embryoscope?

  • The ones with more than one embryo will have increased chances of success.
  • The patient is planning to get assisted reproductive technology.
  • The patient-facing problem to conceive for a long time.
  • The patients who want to improve pregnancy timing.
  • The patients who have produced abnormal embryos.

With the achievement made in the medical field, it has helped the researchers to get improved results with IVF technology, and the couple can have increased chances of pregnancy.