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Myth Busted: Male Infertility Caused By Frequent Masturbation

A lot of men have asked this question that whether frequent masturbation can decrease there sperm count or quality. Most of the men think that it will give rise to male infertility, which is not at all true.

Masturbation Causes Low Sperm Count

Your testicles take six weeks to produce new sperms. Throughout your life, your body will produce sperms. So, if you think masturbation can affect the sperm count then it absolutely wrong. In fact, it will maximize your partner chances of getting pregnant. As it will allow your body to produce fresh sperms and a very good amount.

On the other hand, if you avoid it then it might decrease the sperm quality. Every day, more and more sperms are being produced and packed in your scrotum. If they are stored in there for a long time then it might result in DNA damage.

There has been a lot of research going on this topic to see how it affects male infertility. The results which came are mixed and they are on both sides. But, most of the men said that they haven’t faced any such issue because of masturbation.

On the other hand, it is said that it also causes erectile dysfunction in men, which is not at all also true.  Sometime men may find difficult to attain orgasm with there partner. This might lead to some problems as the time when you are planning to have a baby. Sometimes it might be some other issue of infertility. For this, you can consult the doctor for infertility treatment.

How To Maintain A Higher And Best Quality Sperm Count?

There are different ways in which you can increase the sperm count. You should wear underwear with loose-fitting. Other things which might affect the fertility and sperm count is smoking and drinking alcohol. If the sperm count is higher, then the chances are high that the sperm will reach the egg so that it can fertilize it on time. Other than this, you should include folic acid and zinc in your diet.

To Conclude

You can say that it does not affect fertility in men. But if you are frequently doing it then it might create a problem which is related to conception. If the problem is persistent then you and your partner will face problem in getting pregnant.