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Options to retain a Good Fertility after spinal cord injury

Anyone who has been through a spinal cord injury and is also not able to conceive can tell you how difficult it is for the person to see other couples with small children or seeing a couple who is about to have children.

Let us get to know more about Spinal Cord Injury and pregnancy

Many couples after suffering from a spinal cord injury think if the injury can make them impotent. Getting pregnant for women is easy, but for men, it is difficult after the surgery.

Quality of sperms decreases to a great extent. They have less chance of going through egg during fertilization process. But there are many good and new technologies which help couples get pregnant after the man undergoes a spinal injury.

Do men suffer from fertility issues after getting injured on the spine?

There are many cases of male infertility after a spinal cord injury. To recover soon you need help from doctors of many departments like nephrologist, obstetrician, andrology. All of them will help your body in different ways. Some social workers will also aid you in quick recovery.  Some of the best ways of conceiving include intrauterine insemination and IVF. Sperm can be obtained from many vibratory machines. There are many devices which help in this process. Other men who have spinal cord injuries have problems with discharge. The semen has a problem with traveling. There are many vibrators which are used for men in this problem.

The discharge which comes out is safely collected and then injected into the vagina of the female. The quality of sperms also gets better with vibratory stimulation than with those of electrostimulation of male organs. But the electrostimulation is found to be much more successful. It needs a special kind of equipment and some medicines to low down the blood pressure.

Problems with Ejaculation

Many men cannot do electro ejaculation because of getting damage to the nerve which helps in ejaculation. For getting rid of this problem, sperm has to be collected and then implanted into the woman. Sometimes donor sperm is also added to man’s sperm to boost the chances of fertilization. The movement of sperm reduces after a spinal cord injury. Couples who opt for IVF can have a huge success rate of conceiving.