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Successful Laparoscopy Surgery Performed By Dr. Meenakshi Goyal At G.C.R. Memorial Hospital In Moga

In order to perform surgeries like ovarian cyst, tubal ligation, hysterectomy a specific type of prcedure called Laparoscopy is performed beforehand. During the surgery a slender, lighted telescope called laparoscope is used to watch inside the abdomen of patient. This starting procedure is used to determine what the problem is with the patient and how major it is. Major conditions for which this procedure is used are endometriosis or fibroids. And thus after determining the problem patient is suffering from, a surgery is performed.

  • ovarian cyst removal
  • tubal ligation, which is surgical contraception
  • hysterectomy

Our Patient Suffering from unknown problem came to us for the laparoscopy surgery at G.C.R. Memorial Hospital and consulted with Dr. Meenakshi Goyal for the surgery. Dr. Meenakshi Goyal of G.C.R. Memorial Hospital confronted her and explained about the procedure before the surgery, how the surgery is going to help her ease the pain that she was suffering due to some unknown problem. Here is Photo of our patient with Dr. Meenakshi Goyal of G.C.R. Memorial Hospital during discharge from Hospital just 4 hours after the Laparoscopy surgery.