April 1, 2019 BY ivf

Suffering From Secondary Infertility, Yes It’s Cases Are Rising

Before the detailing about secondary infertility, it is necessary to know what actually secondary infertility means. Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive the child a second time. This means that the first time you had a child the considering was much easier and fast, but if you are planning the baby for the second time and you are facing difficulties in having the baby after giving birth previously, this is known as secondary infertility. However we think that secondary infertility is not common as compared to primary infertility, but this thinking is wrong and secondary infertility is also as common as primary infertility. So if the couple is facing the problem of secondary infertility they need not worry about it as they are not only one but many people are facing such problems.

Why Does The Problem of Secondary Infertility Arise?

Secondary infertility, unlike primary infertility, also is caused by similar reasons, which result in primary infertility.  Reason for secondary infertility maybe age of the woman, if a couple is planning to have a baby at an older age or the age gap between the first child and second child is much, in such cases a problem of secondary infertility arises. The main reason which adds to secondary infertility is more age of the woman. Other reasons which add to the problem of secondary infertility are:

  1. Impaired sperm production in men
  2. Age of the women
  3. Damage in the fallopian tube
  4. Uterine conditions
  5. Ovulation disorders
  6. Endometriosis

All the above-mentioned reasons add to the problem of secondary infertility. These reasons may also cause primary infertility.

How To Overcome The Problem Of Secondary Infertility?

Although it is very difficult for a couple who is struggling to have a baby. The time they are going through is very tough, but it is very necessary to keep up the patience level and handle the situation strongly.  All they need to do is handle the situation with calm and care. Counseling sessions could also be used to overcome the situation and will be proved useful for struggling couples.

When you feel that the problem is out of your control, it is better not to wait and visit the doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will find a solution to your problem. Many IVF centers have fixed such problems of people and have helped them in having a baby. If you are facing such a problem don’t hesitate to visit the doctor as soon as possible. You could be helped with a better solution from the doctors. Visiting the doctor may make your dream come true.