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What are the top tips to increase your pregnancy chances with the IVF cycle?

Are you planning for your first IVF cycle at the best IVF Centre in Punjab? UMm…I know it can be emotional and nerve-wracking, at the same time. When a patient comes to our fertility clinic in Moga, we always ensure to calm them down by being completely transparent with everything which they will experience during the treatment journey. There are few things that you can do to boost your success chances while you undergo the IVF cycle. It’s all about proper understanding and accordingly taking every possible measure to make your IVF journey go smoothly.

Tips to increase your success chances with IVF

  • Keep your overall health perfectly fine

If your overall health is perfectly fine then automatically it will boost your conception chances. Keeping yourself fit is an important step to have a safe and successful embryo transfer. So, make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle which means exercise, eat healthily, do not drink and smoke. Whatever you do daily, it should be done to plan for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Age is an important concern

When you plan for IVF, age is an important factor that will make a difference in the success rate. It means, if you are 40 and planning to get IVF, then your chances of success will be less as compared to those who are planning to get the IVF cycle in their 30s or 35. But, that does not mean that you need to lose your hope. In this case, the doctor can suggest you choose the donor egg to increase your chances of success.

  • Cleanse your system

Every day our body gets in touch with different chemicals. Preservatives are found in pesticides, food items, cigarettes, alcohol, and many other products. Even hormonal birth control pills have synthetic hormones which can impact fertility. So, if you have like 90 days or even 30 days before starting your IVF journey make sure to detoxify your system. To do the same, ask the doctor what you can do.

  • Control your stress levels

Mind and body go through a lot which is the reason stress levels are triggered. If your mind is not calm, then it will affect your health. So, you have to be stress-free before planning to begin your IVF cycle. You should meditate, do deep breathing exercises as these will reduce the stress levels. Even while undergoing the IVF cycle you should meditate daily, to deal with the regular stuff without any problem.

Think positive to make a difference

Well! Sometimes it is all about our mind and what it thinks. You should stop thinking about anything negative and focus on your health. Keep the above-mentioned points in your mind, and it will be much easier for you to plan your IVF cycle. In case, there is any concern during the IVF journey or before that, our fertility doctor is there to help you with everything.