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What are some common misconceptions and facts related to infertility?

Infertility is a problem that can be experienced by both men and women. Stress, lifestyle, low quality of egg in women or sperm in men and so on are the reason why they face infertility. Any of the partners are experiencing fertility issues due to which the couple won’t be able to conceive naturally, then meet the best fertility expert in IVF centre in Punjab. 

Misconception 1: Only women are the one who experiences infertility

It is proved that both men as well as a woman can experience fertility problems but need not worry. With the advancement in science they have come up with various treatments like IVF, IUI will help the couple who are infertile.

Misconception 2: Age is just a number

Another misconception in the mind of people that age is just a number. One of the researches has proved that women below 35 are having more chances of getting pregnant as compared to the women above 35 years old. With the increase in age the ovaries’ reserves start declining.

Misconception 3: Fertility issues are a psychological problem

The people who think the medical problem will be solved by sitting calmly or relaxing which is false. Stress can be one of the factors which cause infertility but the couple needs to undergo such procedures like IVF to get pregnant.

Misconception 4: Second pregnancy will also be smooth like the first one

Many people think if a woman’s first pregnancy is smooth, then the second pregnancy will also be smooth. Do you know women body changes after getting pregnant for the first time? So there are chances of women experiencing problems like infertility in trying to conceive naturally for the second time.

Misconception 5: Fertility procedures are stressful

Fertility procedures are not at all stressful. In fact, with fertility treatments like IVF, you will be able to get pregnant easily. They are not time-consuming as well as cost-effective. The women having injured fallopian tubes can also get pregnant easily.

Misconception 6: All IVF treatments hospitals are the same

The clinics offer the same treatment that doesn’t mean they are the same. Based on some factors you will come to know which one is best for you such as cost, infrastructure, the experience of the surgeon and much more.

Misconception 7: All the IVF clinics are having the same success rate

There are many fertility experts which call themselves the best fertility experts as well as do fake promises regarding the success rate of the treatment. But make sure you are not going to trust the first fertility expert you are going to meet. You should search the best clinics and compare it before selecting one.