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What are the signs which indicate that you have selected a bad IVF clinic?

In- vitro-fertilization treatment is a technique that helps couples to add a new member to a family. If you are trying to conceive naturally but due to infertility you are unable to, then consult the best fertility expert by visiting the IVF centre in Punjab.


What is the indication of a bad IVF clinic?


  • Refuse to show equipment

After visiting the IVF clinic the foremost step you will do is check whether the clinic is having the latest equipment or not. But what if the clinic says no to you. Then instead of raising your eyebrows, you should raise a question why? If you feel like they are trying to convince you then you should consult another IVF clinic.


  • Unable to meet the surgeon

If you are visiting the IVF clinic but are unable to meet the fertility expert. Rather than meeting a doctor, you are having a conversation with nurses or assistance. Then you should be very careful because you should speak with a surgeon who is going to perform your surgery. He will only be able to give you the whole details.


  • Medical records

When the clinic is unable to store your medical records. If they will not keep your records then how they will be able to identify your ovulation day. There are many things that a surgeon should consider before performing IVF treatment.


  • Numerous test

If your surgeon is saying to do multiple tests regularly then be careful. You should do your homework first and then consult a fertility doctor. It will be beneficial for you and no one can make a fool out of you. They are just trying to increase your bill and earn profits from you.


  • Image of embryo

When the clinic doesn’t show you embryos photographs. If your fertility expert is saying no to show you the embryo pictures then you should ask the reason. In fact, changing a doctor is a great option.


  • No embryo freezing facility

Every IVF center is having an embryo freezing facility. If the clinic is not providing you with an embryo freezing facility then it is a matter of concern. They might sell your healthy embryo to another couple.


  • Giving you discounts

If an IVF clinic is giving you discounts, then you should be very careful. Usually, untrained fertility doctors give discounts to earn money. You will also end up getting unsatisfactory results.


These are the signs which show that you have selected the bad IVF center for the IVF treatment. You will not get the desired results from them.