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What are the steps you can take to reduce the chances of Ovulation Dysfunction?

What is Ovulatory Dysfunction?

The term ‘Ovulatory Dysfunction’ covers different conditions which can result in abnormal ovulation. When a woman is diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction they can experience Irregular ovulation or ovulation which occurs rarely or no ovulation at all. This problem is extremely stressful when you are trying to conceive and it can be difficult to understand what you can do.

For a couple, the chances of conceiving every month are around 15 to 20 % only. With the increase in age, the chances of conceiving naturally decline. In case, the women have irregular menstrual cycles then the chances of conception naturally decline more. Mostly, the main reason for infertility is ovulation dysfunction.

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What are the underlying conditions?

Ovulation dysfunction is a symptom or effect of the underlying condition. Once the problem is treated everything comes back to normal. Many women conceive naturally once the issue is identified and treated. Some of the condition which can result in ovulation dysfunction include:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is the main reason for ovarian dysfunction and it is caused by the problem in the endocrine system.

  • Hyperprolactinemia

Hyperprolactinemia is a disorder that increases the production of prolactin hormone from the pituitary gland.

  • Hypothalamic Dysfunction

This is the failure of the pituitary gland to produce a hormone that helps to increase egg production in the ovaries.

  • Training too hard, exercising too much
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid Dysfunction, either hyper- or hypothyroidism
  • Low or Decreased Ovarian Reserve (DOR)
  • Being underweight
  • Extremely high levels of stress


How to identify ovulation dysfunction?

One of the main aspects to identify ovulation dysfunction is to check the irregularity in the menstrual cycle. If the periods are unpredictable or if you do not have them at all, then you are likely to suffer from the ovulation dysfunction.

The menstrual cycle is a predictable indicator of ovulation. If the normal cycle is disrupted then ovulation is impacted. In some cases, women feel a slight tinge on the pelvic side or during ovulation they have this feeling. Some of the additional signs include:

  • Increase in the cervical mucus.
  • There is a sudden drop and then subsequent rise on the basal body temperature in the mid-cycle.


Getting the Medical Intervention

According to the test results, the doctor will give the treatment to solve the cause. It can involve levelling the hormones to increase fertility. There is an introduction of the medications like fertility drugs of Clomid and metformin. In most cases, the doctor will suggest some lifestyle changes you need to follow which will result in a positive effect on fertility along with pregnancy. It is great for future wellness.