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What are the tips given by fertility experts to prevent the fertility problem?

IVF centre in Punjab: With time, many things have changed. Now the women are focused on their careers and they want to marry later. This means the motherhood phase needs to wait. Also, some of them are involved in a sedentary lifestyle which means it gives rise to health issues.

Control the consumption of coffee

You must abstain from the use of alcohol and coffee. By doing so, it can help you to improve your chances to conceive. Make sure to limit the coffee consumption to 2 cups in a day.

Follow a healthy diet and maintain weight

  • Studies have shown that if the women are obese then it accounts for 6% of cases of female infertility and if the weight is not normal then even it accounts for 6% of infertility cases. Even when you consult the fertility expert she will check your and your partner’s body weight to ensure there is no problem in this regard.
  • You must follow a healthy diet and do exercise daily. If you take the necessary measures on time it will help you get pregnant.
  • Women who do a moderate exercise can help to improve the menstrual cycle and their overall health gets better. Women who have suffered from severe obesity, anorexia nervosa, or bulimia may have hormonal issues or thyroid problems which leads to the irregular menstrual cycle and other issues. This is the reason it is important to focus on overall health when you are trying to conceive.

Give up cigarette smoking

Different studies have shown that cigarette smoking can lead to heart disease and cancer. The lesser-known health risk is smoking which can affect your ability to conceive negatively. If the women smoke it reduces fertility and even increases the chances of miscarriage. Around 13% of cases of female infertility are caused by cigarette smoking.

Practice safe sex

STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are the main causes of infertility. Men and women need to practice safe sex because sexually transmitted diseases can lead to prostatitis, blocked fallopian tubes, and many other fertility problems. The use of a condom during sexual intercourse can help to prevent infertility issues when you are planning to conceive. So, while you are planning to get pregnant, taking safety measures can make a lot of difference.

Male fertility is also important

Not just the women, but male fertility is important. It is important for men to avoid the consumption of alcohol and do not smoke. They need to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy life so that their fertility is not impacted. If you have any doubt then get in touch with our fertility doctor today only.