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What are the top things which you will learn while battling infertility?

One of our patients named Ritu was diagnosed with a single-gene genetic disorder. It was a degenerative neurological condition that can prove fatal for their children. The odds of such cases are ‘One in a Million. When the patient visited our IVF centre in Punjab, the couple had undergone a detailed diagnosis to determine what treatment plan they need. Through an initial consultation, the male partner was diagnosed with infertility. So, the treatment plan was made by considering male infertility and the issue of a single-gene genetic disorder.

Strategizing the treatment plan

The approach of IVF and PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) was taken into consideration by the team of fertility experts and embryologists. This was done to ensure that the healthy embryo is created and biopsy is done. Through biopsy, embryos are checked to ensure that the patient’s condition gets better and improves the chances of conception. During the IVF journey couple learned about different things which include the following:

  • Understanding the cost of IVF

After the initial phone call, when the couple visited our IVF clinic, they came to know more about the process and the treatment costs. The eggs are harvested transvaginally after closely monitoring the ovulation-inducing medications and these are mixed with sperm. The fertility expert selected the best quality embryo and then planned to transfer it through the uterus which goes to the thin catheter.

The total cost was determined by considering the different factors such as maternal age and the medical situation of the parents.

As her case was complex so she was told that she needed to act quickly after getting the diagnosis.

  • Understanding the payment options

The couple was worried about how they needed to finance the treatment. During the consultation, the couple was told that their treatment plan will be strategized as per their condition. This way the treatment cost was adjusted and they were at great ease throughout the treatment. For infertility treatment, the patient needs to follow preventive care, take prescription medications, and undergo the needed surgery. The doctor will make you aware of the expenses and accordingly everything will be planned.

  • Compare all the possible options

During the consultation, the patient was told in detail about their health. Additionally, they were told about all the possible options which can improve their condition. Through this, they were able to compare the cost, got to know about the benefits of each option, and accordingly comprehensive treatment was made.

  • Get to know about all the possible cost factors

When the doctor will quote the price, it will include the ultrasounds, blood work, monitoring, and medications. Their fertility treatment plan covered injectable fertility medications.

Feeling of anxiety and stress

They were uncertain how everything would go and whether the situation would turn out the way they wanted. The couple followed all the suggestions given by our fertility expert and they ensured to attend the follow-up checkups. Kudos to the couple as they are in the last trimester and eagerly waiting for their baby.

If you are worried about the fertility treatment cost, then get in touch with our fertility expert for detailed information on what to do.