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What are the topmost interesting facts man needs to know about Ovulation?

Given below are some of the top facts which man should know about ovulation:

Fact: Women can ovulate without getting a period

Most of the patients who visit our IVF centre in Punjab have this misconception. Men and women think that women cannot ovulate without a menstrual cycle. It is true that women get her period every month it means she is ovulating but it does not mean that there is no ovulation. The absence of a menstrual cycle does not mean that there is no ovulation. Due to low body fat or medical issues like hormonal dysfunction can affect the menstruation cycle in women. Even if the women do not menstruate she can have ovulation. Ovulation is a sufficient condition but not the necessary one.

Fact: Ovulation gets affected by weight

Women who are thin or overweight will have problems with ovulation as compared to women with a healthy weight. If women are overweight she is at increased risk of PCOS which is the common problem of female infertility and ovulation disruption. Around 80 percent of women are obese. If the couple is trying to conceive, one of the essential things is to have a healthy weight by keeping a check on his and her diet. Having the weight in a normal BMI range is essential for you to conceive.


Fact: Ovulation occurs 13 to 14 days before the next Menstrual cycle

The normal cited window is around 11 to 21 days for the women and the ovulation is between 13 to 14 days before the next menstrual cycle starts. The ideal strategy for the couple to conceive is to use an ovulation app that tracks the menstrual cycle during the course of several months. This way you get an understanding of pattern and ovulation window. Keep in mind women can conceive at any time during the menstrual cycle.


Fact: Sex Before Ovulation is best

The sperm can survive in the body for 5 days after you have intercourse. On the other hand, eggs can stay in the body for 24 hours after the egg is released. So, waiting for your partner’s confirmation to have intercourse while she is ovulating will reduce the chances of sperm meeting egg. You should use an OTC (Ovulation predictor Kit) which helps to check the presence of luteinizing hormone which is responsible for triggering ovulation.


Fact: Women does not make an egg every month

Another misconception is that ovulation comes with egg-making at the same time. Well, the woman is born with all the eggs she has for her lifetime. There are around 2 million eggs she has when she is born.

With age, the egg starts to deplete slowly. By the time of puberty, only 5,00,000 are left. During ovulation, the eggs you have will get matured to the point they are ready for fertilization. After that, it is released from the ovary and it gets pushed into the fallopian tube where it will meet the sperm. So, don’t think that women make every month to conceive a child.