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What are the topmost reasons to consider IVF as the first fertility treatment?

IVF treatment is the best option for the couple diagnosed with infertility problems. For both men and women, infertility issues are common. To make sure you get the best treatment you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab.

IVF Procedure

The IVF procedure starts with women getting fertility medications. This helps the women to have an increased number of eggs that are needed for fertilization. Once enough eggs are produced, it will be retrieved with a simple egg retrieval procedure.

The egg is kept with sperm that results in fertilization. Both of them are kept in a controlled environment so that both can meet each other. This results in embryo formation that is transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract. The procedure is known as embryo transfer. The embryo is placed near the embryo lining so that the success chances of the women to conceive are increased.

Many couples do not know that IVF can be considered as the first fertility treatment, and the reasons are mentioned below:

  • IVF success rate is more than Intrauterine Insemination

In many cases, couples choose Femara or Clomid with IUI. pregnancy chances are less than 12 percent per cycle. Women under age 35 who are using single embryo transfer with IVF can expect success chances more than 60 percent. One of the studies has shown that when the egg and sperm are of good quality it helps in giving effective and successful results.

  • Early IVF treatment is cost-effective

Getting the treatment at early-stage will help to increase the chances of conception which proves cost-effective. 90 percent of the women with Clomid need to undergo 3 cycles to conceive. But, getting the IVF treatment at an early stage will increase your chances and it can prove cost-effective.

  • IVF decreases twin chances in younger women

With Clomid pregnancy, the chances of conceiving twins are 8 percent. But with a single blastocyst placed in the uterus with IVF, the chances of twins are only 2 percent.

To get detailed information on what treatment plan will suit you and increase your chances of conception, you need to consult the best fertility expert.

  • Ability to perform CCS

During IVF treatment, the Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening can be performed. Additionally, there is a transfer of single genetically normal embryos which helps to allow implantation for the women till the age of 42.

This means the embryo of the best quality will be transferred during the treatment which increases the success chances to a great level.

  • Get your embryos freeze

Women who are planning to undergo IVF treatment can choose the option of freezing additional embryos. This means, in the future when you decide to get pregnant, these can be used to increase the chances of conception. Frozen embryos do not age. If you are tried to conceive at the age of 37, the embryos frozen at the age of 34 can be used for you to conceive successfully.