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What are the topmost ways to increase the chances of IVF success rate?

In this blog, we are going to mention the tips suggested by the fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Punjab for increasing the success rate.

  • Keep the weight healthy

It is important that you keep your weight healthy, and according to the BMI (Body Mass Index). If you are overweight or underweight it is going to impact your fertility negatively along with the IVF success rate. If you are overweight then the chances of fertilizing the egg will be impacted to a great extent.

  • Focus on your sperm health

You should take multivitamins and keep the body weight normal that improves sperm quality. Men need to take proper care so that sperm health is benefited. If there is any type of abnormality then the success chances of the treatment are affected.

  • Make sure to consult the best fertility expert

Choosing an experienced fertility expert is going to make a lot of difference. Your doctor is going to guide you on this emotional journey and tell you what needs to be done. She will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment and given the best treatment plan depending on your condition.

  • Manage the stress level

Stress levels are common when you are planning to get IVF treatment. Studies have shown that controlling stress can improve the IVF treatment success rate. You should try to do yoga and practice mind-body programs that are great for reducing stress.

  • Avoid smoking

Smoking is going to impact pregnancy chances as it affects the egg and sperm quality. It will take time to quit smoking but the results are going to be worth it. Working on this factor is going to benefit you greatly while getting IVF treatment.

  • Increase the intake of Vitamin D

The deficiency of Vitamin D can impact our fertility. Make sure to check your Vitamin D level and take Vitamin D supplements as suggested by the fertility doctor.

  • Take the supplements on time

Supplements like DHEA and CoQ10 are essential in increasing egg quality and quantity. It is best to get in touch with the doctor as she will understand your condition and accordingly tell you what will improve the treatment success rate.

  • Patience and persistence are essential

The patient with excess fertility issues needs to undergo more than the IVF cycle to increase the success chances of embryo transfer and improve the IVF success rate. The number of IVF cycles is going to depend on your and your partner’s condition.


Talk to the fertility expert

It is important to take care of yourself while undergoing IVF treatment.