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What do you need to expect during the initial stages of IVF pregnancy?

So, you have been undergoing the treatment of IVF at the best IVF centre in Punjab. The results have come out and you are pregnant. The feeling of knowing you are going to have a child is like nothing you have experienced before. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information on what to expect during the early stages of IVF pregnancy.


IVF Pregnancy Test

When you take the pregnancy test during an IVF treatment cycle. Your IVF doctor is going to schedule a blood test for 10 to 14 days following egg retrieval. The blood test is going to detect and measure the pregnancy hormone i.e. hCG.

You need to take an early at-home pregnancy test during IVF treatment. The women who have faced the fertility-challenge at times take pregnancy tests and this is the habit you need to resist if you are undergoing fertility treatment.

The reason is that one of the fertility drugs used in the hCG hormone. You might get a pregnancy positive test the day after you get the injection. This is not because you are pregnant but this happens because the test is picking up the hormones from the treatment. The ideal way to wait for the test with IVF treatment is to wait for 2 weeks following the egg retrieval.


Continued Progesterone Support

Treatment is not over the moment you get the positive results of pregnancy. The doctor might keep you on progesterone. The doctor will continue this treatment depending on your condition because every patient responds to the treatment differently. You should ask your doctors about the best possible options.


Continued Blood Tests for Monitoring

Your doctor is going to check the hormone for at least a few weeks following you get the positive results of pregnancy. There is certain reason like:

  • Checking for

Rising hCG levels (which may indicate a multiple-pregnancy)

  • Watching

Progesterone levels for a healthy pregnancy

  • Monitoring

Estrogen levels, especially if symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) are present

Excitement and Fear of Good News

You have been trying to get pregnant for years. You might have even gone through different cycles for fertility treatment and finally, you have conceived. This phase is exciting and happy. It might be possible you feel anxious which is completely normal.

With years of struggle, it is normal to feel hopeless and nervous about the results. If you have faced frequent miscarriage then it is understandable the way you feel. You should feel guilty about your feelings.

You should talk to your friends or doctor about how you feel and they can help you manage all your thoughts correctly. Sonnet you talk to someone, timely you are going to know how to manage the situation.