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What is epidural delivery? How is it different from Normal Delivery?

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What is Painless Delivery? Why has this concept been introduced?

All of us have heard about the pain which women encounter when she gives birth to the baby through the natural procedure. Surviving after the natural delivery is known as a rebirth for the women. But there are some women also who are suffering from high-risk pregnancies and thus the complications force her to go through the C Section.

But nowadays many women choose to give birth to the baby with the C section delivery just because they are afraid of the pain that will be experienced if the natural delivery is taken into account.

If you are also one of those women, then we have a great solution for you that you will find magical. With the help of that procedure, you can give birth to the baby naturally, but you will not have to suffer from any kind of pain. That is known as painless or epidural delivery.

What is Painless Delivery?

In this kind of procedure, the mother is administered epidural anaesthesia, which helps her to relieve the labour pain. So it becomes easy for her to take the baby out from her uterus naturally and without any pain.

Why do females feel pain during the delivery?

The pain which happens during the delivery is known as labour pain. In this procedure, the uterus contracts and the cervix gradually get opened to help the baby come out from the uterus. These contractions that happen in the uterus and the opening process that takes place in the cervix is the main reason for the labour pain.

How does epidural anaesthesia work to relieve women from labour pain?

As discussed earlier, an epidural is one of the regional anaesthesia which is usually injected into the spinal canal. Because of this, the abdominal, pelvic and genital areas become numb.

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