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What is male infertility and explain the reasons & tests for Male Infertility?

The only explanation a couple can not conceive due to infertility in an individual, or it may literally contribute to the trouble created by the infertility of her partner.

It is therefore important for both men and women to be tested for fertility. Young people still ought to do so. Late monitoring will save their spouses a lot of needless stress and expenses, even though other guys can prefer to delay the testing. That is also a safe way to avoid future complications easily. This can only be done in the IVF centre in Punjab because only the IVF center offers you the facilities you need.

Getting Infertility Tested

First of all, the specialist is a usual urologist, with reproductive disorders. You should typically require a semen test upon physical examination, which determines the consistency and quantity of sperm in the semen. Yes, your doctor will want the sample to be provided or at least in the vicinity because the analysis is important. 

The doctor will prescribe a second sample to validate the findings if the first semen test is good. Typically, two standard exams indicate that the individual has no major complications with infertility. If something seems irregular in the results, your doctor may suggest additional tests to identify the problem. You ought to consider seeing a specialist at this point if you are not already seeing a urologist.

Reasons for Male Infertility

There are several reasons behind male infertility problem such as-:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases or other infections.

  • Blockages, birth defects, or physical damage.

  • Retrograde ejaculation.

  • Genetic diseases.

  • Autoimmune problems.

  • Hormonal problems.

  • Sexual problems.

  • Varicoceles.

  • Excessive exercise

  • Drug use

  • Obesity

  • And so on.

What should be detected in a semen analysis?

  • Azoospermia-: There is no sperm created or in the semen, the sperm does not exist.

  • Oligospermia-: Are produced just a few sperm.

  • Sperm motility issues, which are less important for the fertilization of an egg because the sperm doesn’t travel normally.

  • Sperm morphology issues; sperm form and function problems or morphology may cause infertility.

And, although that can be the main explanation you couldn’t conceive of, the underlying medical disorder will induce them itself. Your doctor would typically want to further investigate the issue by prescribing blood, urine, or other procedures.

How to get pregnant with male infertility?

  • You will speak to the doctor regarding any lifestyle improvements that may improve the odds of conceiving while you are a man dealing with infertility.

  • If you have low sperm count, your physician can prescribe less regular intercourse to increase your sperm concentration. You can even inquire about vitamins. Several new findings have shown that people are able to raise their low number of sperms by adding folic acid and zinc.