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What Is Pregnancy Craving– A Proper Definition

A good number of women are under the pressure of not becoming mothers. The rate of infertility has gone up in the few past years. While those  who are lucky enough to conceive have their own set of troubles-food cravings. While it is the most common feature which can be seen in almost every pregnant woman, there could be an associated underlying reason.In this website post, we intend to throw light on the usual and unusual cravings and the indications they might be giving out. Many of us brush them aside as completely normal characteristic of pregnancy, but the type of substance craved is often the body’s or the baby’s way of asking for a nutrient. Have a look at the usual and the unusual options-

1. Coal

Yes, you read it right, some women demand to eat coal during pregnancy! The condition in which women crave for non-food items is called Pica. The underlying reason may be an iron deficiency as coal is rich in it. Similarly, women who crave for chalk are decidedly deficient in calcium.

2. Salty foods

Crisp chips and salted snacks top the eatables list when it comes to pregnancy cravings.It could indicate a low sodium level but it could be craving for comfort food acting up! Whatever be the reason, it’s best not to give in to the cravings too soon as high salt intake can raise the blood pressure .Another reason for such cravings is dehydration. So reach for the water bottle if you find yourself desiring salted snacks much too often.

3. Ice cream

A lack of calcium again might be the causative factor here but it is possible that your taste buds are just acting truant. While some women develop a complete aversion to milk and cheese as they have a strong smell, they might develop an affinity for ice cream as they smell good . The cool, sweet effect can be a good mood booster and a healthy choice for the baby as it has calcium. The energy levels also get elevated fast with this sweet treat.

4. Chocolate

Apart from being a comfort food and a rich source of vitamin B, it is one of the top cravings  of pregnant women after ice cream. But it also contains a lot of sugar and empty calories.It might indicate a lack of vitamin B in the concerned woman. A drop in blood sugar levels may also be the reason behind the craving. Flaxseed oil is the healthier option for these women if they are still counting their calory intake.

5. Citrus fruits

It is very common to see women crave for sour foods. Tangy taste appeals to the changed taste buds of the women who are expecting.