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Why Infertility Has Become So Common In The Current Time Period

Infertility rates are increasing day by day. One in ten couples is seen to have infertility problems. But, what makes fertility rates to go down. There are many reasons for the same. Let us see some of them:

Women choose to have babies at a later age in life

Today both men and women are getting married in the later age of their lives. After marriage, they start working and have very less time for each other. They are busy paying house bills, electricity bills and have thousands of other things going on in their minds, besides child rearing. Men can delay the decision to become fathers at a later stage of life. While for women the fertility clock keeps tickling once they reach the age of 35, after which it becomes really hard for women to bear children. It has been suggested by many doctors that the best infertility treatment is IVF. It works best for all those who cannot bear children naturally. Women are born with eggs, but they keep declining as the women ages. The eggs are placed at a very delicate place in the ovary. Fibroids are another reason for women to be unable to conceive.

Male infertility also on the rising

It is not only women who have problems with conceiving, but many men are also seen to be facing infertility issues. Men have been seen facing issues of sperm which lead to male infertility. Men have issues because they use laptops, use plastic containers for having food, or use plastic in many other ways.

Lifestyle conditions are also affecting infertility rates

There are many lifestyle conditions also which are putting an impact on infertility rates. Smoking is on the topmost list. We all know the adverse effects of smoking but still, we all tend to smoke and put our health in danger.

Being overweight is also one of the reasons for being unable to conceive.

Next in line comes having unhealthy, junk food, which we keep having all the time. Taking the right steps towards leading a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve the chances of conception, in both men and women.

Work towards improving health

Though fertility rates are lowering down, there are many choices for couples to work towards health. You should, first of all, speak with your doctor and ask them about all the options which are available in healing infertility.