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Yes Being Overweight is a reason for infertility

Being overweight can affect your health and there are high chances of the problem of heart disease and diabetes. Most people are aware of this problem, but you might not know that it can affect your fertility also. Women who are trying to conceive for a long time but every time the results are negative. Additionally, if she is overweight it can increase the risk of infertility. You need to very careful and you should maintain a healthy weight to get pregnant.


Overweight and Fertility

Dealing with the problem of overweight can affect infertility which causes hormonal imbalance. Not only this, but the woman also faces the problem of irregular periods and the problem with ovulation which means releasing an egg from the ovaries.

Overweight is also associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is another issue of low fertility. In this, the women produce excess androgen (a male hormone), which makes it difficult to get pregnant. Women with PCOS either produce too much insulin or the insulin which is produced does not work effectively. You should visit the doctor to start the infertility treatment.

Not only women’s fertility is affected, but overweight also affects men’s fertility. So, both have to take care in order to have a successful pregnancy.

Overweight and pregnancy

Even if you get pregnant, there are many complications and risk which you have to face. The egg and sperm develop in an environment, which can be affected and it also affects the health of baby growing inside you. Before conception, you should maintain a healthy weight which increases the chances of pregnancy as well as the growth of your baby.

Excess weight is linked with a number of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, blood clotting, increased risk of miscarriage, infection, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia. Additionally, there is a risk of stillbirth, need to induce labor, cesarean birth. Sometimes, the baby born is not healthy, overweight or might have some problem. You can consider that there are issues related which are long-term.

Making the necessary changes

Before conception, you should try to reduce weight. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be between 19 to 24. Visit your doctor and ask him to give you a diet plan. Maintaining a healthy routine and eating a balanced diet will make a lot of difference. You should avoid fast food, instead of that eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You should follow the same lifestyle once are who have lost weight and even after conceiving. By doing this, your pregnancy will go smooth and the baby will be born healthy.