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Testosterone In Men And Women – Importance

Mostly everyone is aware of the fact about testosterone, that it is a hormone which plays a big role in men’s sex hormones. It helps in sexual urge, the formation of sperms, distributing fat, red cell production, and maintenance of muscle strength and mass among other things. It is also connected with the overall health of men.

But, many people are aware of the fact that testosterone has a role to play in women’s well being , as well.

Everyone knows that testosterone helps in building muscle mass. Let us take an example, two brother-sister siblings ( twins, to be precise) live in the same surroundings from say ages 5- 30. The male twin will be seen putting on much muscle mass as opposed to his sister because he has more of testosterone level than his sister.

This is also indicative of the fact that if the sister has lower levels of testosterone than she should be having, she will continue to build more muscle mass and also have a tough time keeping her bone mass in check. Low sperm count in men can be because of some disturbance in testosterone levels.

This is very important for older women or women who are aging because they have very fewer levels of both muscle and bone mass. Older people tend to lose both muscle and bone mass, flexibility along with the ability to move about. Keeping the testosterone intact is very crucial for keeping the muscle and bone mass in good condition. But, sadly,  some women lower down their testosterone levels by having medicines birth control pills, which bring down the sex hormone binding globulin, which carries sex hormones through blood.

Testosterone sensory systems are all over in the body. The reproductive organs, arteries, brain, everyplace has testosterone. They play their part quite well in many body processes. Testosterone is mainly responsible for sexual desires in the body,  both male, and females. Because sexual desire along with function both is related to reproduction, so, it makes sense that testosterone is related to the functions of cardiovascular health.

In both men and women testosterone helps in emotional function along with safeguarding us from getting into the depressive mood. It is the very common thing which women suffering from low testosterone say, that they have a low mood. Many people also feel exhausted.

When a woman reaches 40 years of age, the testosterone levels in her body go down the lane. The testosterone levels are lesser than what she had when she was 20 years old.

Imbalance of testosterone also causes infertility.

Now, get your concepts right and know that testosterone is vital for both men and women. If there are issues in testosterone levels then it can majorly affect the fertility in both men and women. In case you are also suffering from testosterone level problems and having difficulty conceiving, then you can visit a doctor who will suggest IVF treatment for you.