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What is IVF Treatment and how much is the cost of IVF treatment in Punjab?

What is the implication of IVF treatment?

IVF treatment is the medical approach in which sperm and egg are fertilized in a controlled environment. The fertilization is done in a test tube or outside the body. During the procedure, the woman’s condition is monitored continuously, and ovaries are stimulated. The ova or ovum is removed from the woman’s ovaries and it helps the sperm to be fertilized in a lab.

When you visit the IVF centre in Punjab, the eggs are extracted and the male sperm is retrieved. With the manual procedure, both of them are combined with the sperm and egg in the petri dish. The embryo is formed and it can even be frozen for future use or transferred if the woman wants to conceive. If the male partner is diagnosed with male infertility then fertility experts suggest the treatment of IVF-ICSI.

Affordable IVF treatment

With the avant-garde treatment, the need to get fertility treatment has increased rapidly. The IVF treatment in India is extremely low-cost as compared to other countries. At our clinic, we provide the patient with bespoke fertility treatment and at a low-cost. If you want to keep the cost relatively low then you can choose to get a mini-IVF cycle which is generally affordable.

Moreover, the outcomes of IVF have improved with time and the complexity of IVF programs is reduced. Low-cost treatment with a single-cycle program has made the IVF treatment affordable.

On-time Consultation for effective treatment

Our clinic provides the patient with low-cost IVF treatment. The initial consultation is what allows the patient to understand how the treatment works and what approach will improve your conception chances. From ultrasound screening to semen analysis, everything is carried out by our fertility experts.

Low-cost IVF/ICSI treatments have the highest success rate which helps the patient to address infertility issues.

What factors determine the treatment cost?

The IVF treatment cost will vary from one place to another. For the patient, they must choose the affordable and cheapest treatment along with a high success rate. At our fertility clinic, your overall well-being is taken into consideration, and accordingly, treatment is given to you.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment?

The treatment success will depend on the surgeon’s expertise and how advanced the treatment approach is. With the forefront technology of IVF treatment, the success rate has reached 60%.

Additionally, the treatment approach of the fertility clinic along with the work ethics will improve. The patient gets the highest level of transparency on every step of the treatment. This is how it helps the patient to get comfortable with the fertility expert throughout the treatment.

Get assistance from the best

If you are experiencing problem conceiving then you need to consult the best fertility expert to get the best treatment plan. The doctor will make you understand which treatment will improve your conception chances and you can get effective treatment at a low-cost.