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Risk Factors That Contribute To Hormonal Imbalance And Ultimately Leading To Infertility

Infertility is an issue of today’s time that affects many individuals. Due to this, many other methods of reproduction have become quite popular to help people dealing with these issues. People resort to IUI, egg donation, sperm donation, IVF treatment or surrogacy to have their biological child. Female infertility can be a result of various […]

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Is It Possible To Go Infertility After The Birth Of The First Child?

Numerous couples face no issue conceiving the second time. Whereas many couples battle with secondary infertility after the first successful delivery. Some people think that it is easy to get pregnant the second time. But it is not simple as first time. This incorporates couples who experienced infertility however recently had an effective pregnancy. Secondary […]

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Can Chlamydia Be The Reason To Infertility?

Chlamydia is explained as a sexually transmitted infection that can be passed through an infected partner. It is caused by bacteria named as Chlamydia trachomatis.  Chlamydia is basically found in semen and vaginal fluids. Symptoms of Chlamydia-: For Men-: Pain and burning when urinating Pain or swelling in the testicles Pain, discharge and bleeding in […]

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